The best deal in town is at the Alice Springs Cinema.

Movie Club membership gets you a free ticket on sign up, $10 tickets and a free ticket after every 10th paid visit.

The Alice Springs Cinema Movie Club membership means you get $10 movie tickets and membership gives you a free ticket on sign up plus a free ticket after your 10th paid visit. Simply present your card when you come in to buy your ticket or log in when you buy online.

Adult membership - $47 per year
Child and Senior membership - $27 per year

Movie Club Terms & Conditions

* $10 tickets excludes certain events, see event information
* Member cards must be presented at time of ticket purchase. Staff may ask for identification.
* Membership is not transferable, only you can buy a ticket for you with your card. Membership will be revoked if somebody else uses your card.
* Membership is valid for 1 year after which you can renew and keep counting paid visits toward your free ticket reward
* We will automatically sign you up for newsletters and sms alerts. You can unsubscribe at any time.


How do I buy a ticket online with my membership?
Select the session you want to attend. Select member ticket and input your membership number.

How will I know when I'm getting my free ticket? 
Your first movie is on us this happens automatically. After your 10th visit a free ticket will be automatically issue when you go to purchase your ticket.

How do I sign up? 
Follow the link here (coming soon) or come in and sign up. If you sign up online bring in your sign up email and we will give you your membership card then.

How do I renew? 
You will get an email letting you know your membership is up for renewal. You can renew online then or you can renew at the cinema. If you miss the email our staff will let you know when you

Can I loan my card to my friend or buy tickets for them? 
No, your membership is yours and yours only.