Alice Springs Cinema Sessions

Current as of 19/11/2018 4:32:31 AM

A Star is Born (M, 136 mins)

Hurry Last Days
Mon 19 Nov: 10:10am, 12:20pm, 6:00pm
Tue 20 Nov: 2:50pm, 8:30pm
Wed 21 Nov: 8:30pm

Babes in Arms - Ladies in Black (PG, 108 mins)

Babes in Arms Session Monday morning 19th of November
Mon 19 Nov: 10:00am

Backtrack Boys (MA15+, 104 mins)

Extended for 1 week due to demand.
Thu 22 Nov: 11:05am

Beetlejuice (M, 92 mins)

Fri 14 Dec ($10): 8:30pm

Bohemian Rhapsody (M, 134 mins)

Celebrating Queen and Freddie Mercury
Mon 19 Nov: 12:55pm, 3:10pm, 6:15pm, 8:30pm
Tue 20 Nov: 12:50pm, 3:10pm, 6:15pm, 8:15pm
Wed 21 Nov: 6:15pm, 8:15pm

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (M, 134 mins)

Friday night come from 7pm for dress ups, games, fantastic drinks and prizes
Mon 19 Nov (NFT): 12:00pm, 3:10pm, 6:00pm, 8:45pm
Tue 20 Nov (NFT): 12:10pm, 3:10pm, 6:00pm, 8:45pm
Wed 21 Nov (NFT): 6:00pm, 8:45pm
Fri 23 Nov: 11:00am

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween (PG, 90 mins)

Hurry Last Days
Tue 20 Nov: 1:00pm

Halloween (MA15+, 106 mins)

Hurry Last Days
Mon 19 Nov: 10:00am, 6:10pm
Tue 20 Nov-Wed 21 Nov: 6:00pm

Hunter Killer (MA15+, 121 mins)

Hurry Last Days
Mon 19 Nov: 3:20pm

Indivisible (M, 120 mins)

2 Sessions Only!  Tickets on sale now
Sat 1 Dec (NFT): 6:30pm
Sun 2 Dec (NFT): 1:30pm

The Girl In The Spider's Web (MA15+, 115 mins)

Mon 19 Nov: 12:30pm, 3:45pm, 9:00pm
Tue 20 Nov: 12:20pm, 3:45pm, 9:00pm
Wed 21 Nov: 9:00pm

The Grinch (G, 90 mins)

Thu 29 Nov (NFT): 10:00am
Mon 3 Dec (NFT): 10:00am
Mon 10 Dec: 12:30pm

The Merger (M, 103 mins)

Small town Australia heart warmer
Mon 19 Nov: 8:55pm
Tue 20 Nov-Wed 21 Nov: 6:15pm


$10 : $10   NFT : No Free List  


$10 : $10   NFT : No Free List